Our plus

Tecnologia e competitività

Technology and competitiveness

We use manufacturing processes that allow us to manufacture worktops and furniture elements in small and large production volumes.

  • 2 postforming production lines
  • 1 preforming production line

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Elementi personalizzati

Customized elements

We manufacture work tops on specific technical request of the client.

  • 1 automated line for processing and packaging of tops
  • 1 work station for special parts

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Tecnologia e competitività

Prompt deliveries

We have available a wide variety of certified raw materials to guarantee fast turnaround.

  • 4 days for the delivery of finished products
  • Company trucks, direct transportation in Italy

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Our products

Customized worktops - Topstar Laminates


Worktops with more than 100 profiles for postforming and/or ABS bars, manufactured using a variety of supports and laminates, with more than 1500 decors.

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Furnishing cabinet doors for kitchen and customized cabinet doors - Topstar

Cabinet Doors

Kitchen, bathroom, kids' rooms cabinet doors, total customization for every setting.

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Laminate tops and panels for Topstar furniture

Raw materials and accessories

We use ABS and plastic laminate edges. Wide variety of coated panels.

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Topstar customized doors, tops and worktops

Customized elements

We manufacture customised tops for a wide variety of applications or on customer's special request.

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Topstar S.p.A.

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